Sprouts’ First Christmas!

Christmas this year found us in Utah with lots of snow! We were sad to miss our family in Wisconsin, but this is the first Christmas in a long time that I got to stay home and completely relax. That feeling is priceless. Highlights for Christmas with the Sprouts included a walker and a bouncer from Grandma and Grandpa Eisele. I’ve already had to move them up a notch since the kids are getting taller! IMG_1134


We met my mom and dad at Temple Square to check out the lights. Alex and Livi were captivated! They were bundled up with rosy cheeks and it wasn’t too cold so it was truly a lovely night.

IMG_1091 IMG_1089 IMG_1093

Big fans, big fans! Thanks, Aunt Elaine for the awesome baby snow suits! Another highlight was a surprise trip up to Logan to visit Grandma and Grandpa Hawkes the week of Christmas. IMG_1139

IMG_1152 IMG_1242

I enjoyed a night of blissful, deep sleep in mom’s basement. The kids slept so good there too 🙂  Kirk picked out our tree from Home Depot this year. It was nice to have a different type of tree this year. I was lucky to get Christmas decorations set up by Christmas this year. Alex is trying his best to be mobile so we bought a little baby jail. We also got the highchairs ready to go. The Sprouts aren’t quite ready for cereal or baby food yet, but I think it will be happening soon! We got to party with the Fitzgerald family the week of Christmas and it was awesome to see all of them! Thanks for including us!

20151223_202748-min 20151223_201343-min 20151223_201306-min

The pictures are quite self explanatory that Erin spent the night trying to win Livi over and Drew was insisting that he was the only one for the job!

We did some fun stuff for Christmas, including making Kirk wear a blinking Rudolph nose for pictures. Unfortunately he has those pictures on his phone, so who knows if they will ever be revealed! We took some videos of the Sprouts “opening gifts” but they weren’t too thrilling. I’ll share pics from home, including the aftermath of our Christmas storm that snowed us in completely!

20151225_092852-min IMG_1249 IMG_1211 IMG_1229 IMG_1237 IMG_1208 IMG_1202 IMG_1200 IMG_1196 IMG_1193 IMG_1169 IMG_1176 IMG_1177 IMG_1179 IMG_1181 IMG_1138 IMG_1156 IMG_1164 IMG_1123 FullSizeRender (1)

The Sprouts got spoiled for their first Christmas by so many wonderful people! New bath towels, new toys, boots, a hat, outfits, music toys, a teething necklace, a gigantic caterpillar, and new books to mention a few! We are so blessed! I got to help some refugee families and other people in need for 2015 and it was fantastic. I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas! Love to you all.


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    1. Sounds like you had a pretty happy Christmas yourself! I am so excited for Kelly and Derek. First grandchild, wahoo!

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