Third Trimester??



Hey everyone! I had to put a Victory post up, because I had my glucose tolerance test today and it was NEGATIVE!! Yes, major fist pump! I don’t have to have any more yucky glucose tests. The Sprouts are doing awesome. They kick a lot while I’m at work and it’s still a new sensation to look down and see my belly moving. Kirk was able to see them moving for the first time last week. The massive painting project began at our house today. I picked a light gray/silver for the nursery and then I’ll decorate the two sides differently. I feel like someone is dragging me towards the merry go round but I’m resisting! I don’t want to get on yet. I need things to move in slow motion a little longer. I’m excited to get out of town and take a few days off work to avoid the paint fumes. Baby girl was totally hyper today with a heart rate of 147 and baby boy was just chillin’ at 130. Everything is good at work, especially since they came to turn on the air conditioning! Thank goodness! I am overheating like crazy most days. The goal is to get to at least 34 weeks and it’s looking totally ATTAINABLE lately. Thanks for all the support! Have an awesome week!

5 thoughts on “Third Trimester??

  1. Wonderful news on the test. Can’t wait to see the nursery & your newly painted place. Exciting for Kirk to see the babies move! Love all four of you!

  2. Outstanding!!! It is going to be a great nursery and I cannot wait to meet the little sprouts.

    So very cool that Kirk can see them moving around now, I am sure he is full of all sorts of observations… đŸ˜‰

  3. This is really a lovely way to keep up with your progress. I look forward to being invited to the shower (now don’t forget me). The babes are due to arrive in June, right? You are going to have a wonderful experience and even more fun when they arrive. Of all the people I know, I think you will be the grand champion twin mom.

  4. C’mon girl!! You can totally make it to 34 weeks! I made it to 37w 4 days and I have you by “several” years and you are in much better shape!!

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