18 Months-be still my heart!

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Hello everyone! It’s getting hard to keep up with a blog, but I’ll do my best. We’re headed to the doctor tomorrow for a check up, but I can tell you that both Sprouts are doing great! These two are running, giggling, brushing their teeth, getting their hair cut, trying to feed themselves, jabbering, dancing, jumping, doing somersaults, blowing kisses, “reading” books, swimming, splashing like crazy during bath time, climbing like daring little fiends, and loving every single second of life!!! I’ve discovered that I have to buy the exact same thing for the Sprouts most of the time. We got shopping carts that are different colors and they fought over the red and yellow one 🙂

We had a great time in Colorado with Heckel cousins and we had a fabulous summer with our Hawkes cousins living with us. We really miss them and their dog, Zoey! It will be a summer I remember for a long time. It was like actually having a village to help raise these two. It was awesome! Enjoy a scattered bunch of photos and we hope to see a lot of you during the holidays!

Alex loves cars and trucks. He is my little helper. He loves to clean the floor, sweep, stir things, and play in the kitchen sink with pots, spoons, and water. He is also very good at unloading the dryer. Alex loves to cuddle. He can be a little rough and I catch him smacking his sister on the head occasionally. I usually have to intercept pretty quickly before she bites him in retaliation. Alex says “ca” for car, “pup” for dog, juice, and mama and dada. Alex loves to make car noises while playing and he also “reads” books in an adorable jabbering way. He loves to climb and run around the park. Alex is a little picky with food. He seems to be sensitive to textures and he gets very suspicious of food he does not recognize. We just completed a remodel project and Alex was the one who noticed all the furniture was moved and that everything was changing. Alex understands what I say very well. I can tell him to get his shoes and he will find them and bring them to me. Alex is such a stout little bundle of love.

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Livi is our feisty girl. Livi says “pup” for dog, “no, no, no”, “ca” for car, mama and dada, and she likes to mimic me sometimes. I told Alex “don’t do that, son” and Livi ran around the house crowing “do dat, do dat, do dat” gleefully. Livi tends to bite or scream when she is displeased. She has got an amazing lung capacity for yelling and she is quite the drama queen. Livi loves hugging her stuffed animals and she has gotten hooked on watching live animals in the wild on Netflix. Livi has a favorite animal, she cuddles her penguin in the most adorable way. Livi hates it when I try to do her hair. She has wild curls in the back so she has the mullet thing going on sometimes. Livi loves the swimming pool and she wants to stay in, even when her lips are purple. Livi started walking in September and she’s getting better every day. She still doesn’t like walking in the grass or on uneven surfaces. Livi loves fruits and will eat a lot of different things. What a girl!

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The Sprouts are really helping me take life less seriously. I try to appreciate every second that I get to be their mom. I am so excited to see them growing and learning. They can point out their noses, ears, and eyes and they try to do head, shoulders, knees, and toes. Sometimes the Sprouts play together great and other times they fight a bit.  We love our new deck and we’ve taken advantage of every second that it’s warm enough to be out there. We’re also loving the new floor in the baby play zone aka the main level of our house 🙂 All in all, I am the luckiest lady in the world! Thank you all for the love and support. We love you all.

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2 thoughts on “18 Months-be still my heart!

  1. Hello,
    I am trying to think of words to describe your awesome photos… cute, adorable, beautiful… they just don’t do it! They are so much more. Thanks for sending. Really looking forward to meeting the sprouts soon.
    Auntie Sally & Uncle Guy

  2. You have such a cute little family; I just love those spunky little twins of yours!

    Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and…still blogging! I have very few friends who still keep it up.

    Love you!

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