Alivianna grows too…….

Hawkes, Jalaine 2016-5-28-10-min Hawkes, Jalaine 2016-5-28-17-min Hawkes, Jalaine 2016-5-28-24-min Hawkes, Jalaine 2016-5-28-30-min

This little girl is full of spunk and squeals! She is catching right up to Alex with her crawling skills. She likes to race him up the stairs now! Livi is almost 18 pounds and she loves books. Livi still wakes us up at night, but usually she sleeps until 6 AM. Livi has some very cute top teeth coming in and her smile lights up the whole house and my heart. Livi doesn’t snuggle much, but she sure loves her dada! Look for more pics in the fam blog!!

2 thoughts on “Alivianna grows too…….

  1. Livi,
    Glad to hear that you like books! You are on your way to being a great student & good reader…. as well as being a cutie pie!
    Auntie Sally & Uncle Guy

  2. I think Alex’s favorite books are Pride and Prejudice, Hound of the Baskervilles, and Sense and Sensibility 🙂
    Someone gave us the kids version of a bunch of classic novels and I love them!

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