Alexander grows……..

Hawkes, Jalaine 2016-5-28-8-min Hawkes, Jalaine 2016-5-28-22-min Hawkes, Jalaine 2016-5-28-46-min

This little guy is very daring and inquisitive. He’s about 22 pounds now. He still has two bottom teeth, nothing breaking through on the top yet. Alex is a pretty energetic and also mellow boy. It’s a strange combo! Alex is finally getting the hang of eating puffs, crackers, and biscuits. He zips around in his walker and he loves to investigate everything he can reach. Alex is exploring the new deck thoroughly and we can’t wait to get the railing and gate up! If you ever need a fleeting hug or snuggle-Alex is your guy! Alex has taken six steps and he’s getting more and more steady every day. Watch for more pics in the fam blog!

2 thoughts on “Alexander grows……..

  1. Alex,
    Love your adorable teeth…everything about you is too cute!
    Auntie Sally & Uncle Guy

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