The Awesome Eisele’s!!

One year celebration began with a trip to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming! Yes, that’s about a 12 hour drive! The Sprouts were total champs! We got a little creative with toys and entertainment and we all made it there in one piece. Kirk’s nerves were a little frazzled, but we fixed him right up! Kirk climbed the tower while we were there and he felt totally unprepared, but it was awesome standing on the top. I got to read a lot since we were out of touch with technology. When the Sprouts napped, I read and napped too. It was fantastic! We stayed in a rustic little cottage that the Sprouts explored thoroughly. They took a bath in a real bath tub for the first time! It was a great tub with a huge window view of the Tower. We took advantage of breaks whenever we could in the car and the kids entertained themselves crawling around.

IMG_1712 IMG_1713 IMG_1716

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When we got home from Wyoming, we had a fun celebration with family and friends up the canyon in the park where Kirk and I were married. It was windy and a little rainy, but the Sprouts did not seem to mind one bit! We were so lucky to have Grandpa Poulsen come down and the Sprouts had a good time with their friend Bridger. Thanks to everyone that came to share the celebration! The Sprouts love their new drum set, puzzles, and wagon for sure!

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After all the hullabaloo of a one year birthday month-things seemed pretty quiet in June! Enjoy the random cuteness pics.

IMG_1803 IMG_1820 IMG_1819 IMG_1817 IMG_1812 IMG_1809 IMG_1808

We went on an adventure to Moab in June and Kirk had the slightly traumatic experience of staying in a hotel with twins 🙂 I didn’t think it was too bad, but he vowed no more traveling for awhile! It was so hot that we didn’t do much. I ran a half marathon relay and then we played in the pool a lot! There’s nothing better than dinner by the pool! Kirk’s youtube Mother Goose Club videos saved the day when it was time to pack up and go home.

IMG_1843 IMG_1862 IMG_1858 IMG_1855 IMG_1852 IMG_1845 IMG_1844

Greg, Kim, Caiden, Maci, and Zoey moved in with us in June and we’ve been enjoying lots of cousin time. Zoo trips, games, hikes in the heat, pool trips, pancake breakfasts, and so many other exciting things are going on here. Kirk has a newfound obsession with taking the Sprouts to places with shopping carts. Alex likes to show off his balancing skills riding in the cart and occasionally we find awesome double steering wheels (Home Depot). Yay! We have an awesome new deck and Kirk surprised me with a cool deck swing made for 4! Once we get the railing and a gate up, it will be a new and improved baby jail for sure!

IMG_1868 IMG_20160704_150441-min IMG_20160704_150434-min IMG_20160704_150425-min IMG_20160704_150328-min IMG_20160702_141734-min IMG_20160702_141343-min IMG_20160702_123109 IMG_20160625_194610 IMG_1941 IMG_1933 IMG_1934 IMG_1929 IMG_1921 IMG_1918 IMG_1916 IMG_1898 IMG_1892 IMG_1897 IMG_1882 IMG_1880 IMG_1878

The Sprouts love swimming lessons and fruit these days. Watermelon, pineapple, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, and plums-delight! Summer fruity popsicles are the best! Thank you for all the love and support. The Sprouts are so lucky to have such amazing people in their lives.

2 thoughts on “The Awesome Eisele’s!!

  1. Adorable doesn’t seem to be even a good enough adjective, but right at the moment, it is what comes to mind. Love, love, love all the photos! What a beautiful time in your lives & more to come! So happy for you & thanks for sharing!
    Sally & Guy

    1. Thanks Sally! I hope that Blakely will get to meet the Sprouts soon! I am so happy for you and your new grandparent status!

      Love, Jalaine

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