18 Months-be still my heart!

Hello everyone! It’s getting hard to keep up with a blog, but I’ll do my best. We’re headed to the doctor tomorrow for a check up, but I can tell you that both Sprouts are doing great! These two are running, giggling, brushing their teeth, getting their hair cut, trying to feed themselves, jabbering, dancing, […]

The Awesome Eisele’s!!

One year celebration began with a trip to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming! Yes, that’s about a 12 hour drive! The Sprouts were total champs! We got a little creative with toys and entertainment and we all made it there in one piece. Kirk’s nerves were a little frazzled, but we fixed him right up! Kirk […]

Alivianna grows too…….

This little girl is full of spunk and squeals! She is catching right up to Alex with her crawling skills. She likes to race him up the stairs now! Livi is almost 18 pounds and she loves books. Livi still wakes us up at night, but usually she sleeps until 6 AM. Livi has some […]

Alexander grows……..

This little guy is very daring and inquisitive. He’s about 22 pounds now. He still has two bottom teeth, nothing breaking through on the top yet. Alex is a pretty energetic and also mellow boy. It’s a strange combo! Alex is finally getting the hang of eating puffs, crackers, and biscuits. He zips around in […]


Alright, I’m going all out……….throwing everything we’ve got out there! These are just a bunch of bonus pics. We didn’t really take official 11 month pics since I was out of town (in training in Arizona) for a week. That’s right, one whole week. It was tough! Amelia and Toni held down the fort and […]

10 Months…so easy to get behind!

10 months came and went so quickly! 10 months was right around Easter so we had fun with Easter eggs and a fun trip up to Logan to my nephew Caiden’s baptism. My brother Greg helped Livi practice her crawling skills. Alex really started moving like lightning so he would not stay still for pictures. […]

9 Months Sprouts!

Good morning world! The Sprouts are so happy, curious, and adventurous these days! The 9 month check up with our awesome pediatrician was fantastic because the Sprouts didn’t have to get any shots!! Alexander is currently weighing in at 18 lbs 1 oz and he’s 27.5″ long. He grew 2.5 pounds from his last check […]


Where has the time gone? First up, the official 8 month pictures! I had to include the second one after Livi did a header into the sign 🙂 Alex gets up on his hands and knees for short periods of time and rocks back and forth. He’s very ticklish and he loves to smile and […]