9 Months Sprouts!

Good morning world! The Sprouts are so happy, curious, and adventurous these days!


The 9 month check up with our awesome pediatrician was fantastic because the Sprouts didn’t have to get any shots!! Alexander is currently weighing in at 18 lbs 1 oz and he’s 27.5″ long. He grew 2.5 pounds from his last check up! Alex is figuring out how crawling works and he is drawn to things he shouldn’t have! Alex is trying to figure out how to eat rice cereal and veggies. He likes trying to drink water out of a cup too, but mostly he just lets the water run down his chin-as if he doesn’t have enough drool! Alex is a great sleeper and he has learned to sleep through his sister’s cries (thank goodness). Alex gives out smiles freely and loves sleeping on his tummy. He’s a cuddly guy and he loves reading books with us!

IMG_1376 IMG_1335 IMG_1327 IMG_1307

Look who can hold his bottle all by himself and has a sharp little tooth poking out too!

IMG_1374 IMG_1306

Speaking of books, a boy’s use for Pride and Prejudice 🙂

IMG_1367 IMG_1364

Alivianna is the talker and shouter in the family! She was a total natural with the rice cereal and the green beans! She also loved the sweet potatoes. Livi was 26″ long and 16 lbs 5 oz at her appointment. She grew a little over 2 pounds since her last appointment. Livi has been watching Alex and she finally decided to get up on her hands and knees to see what the fuss was all about! Livi is the light, sensitive sleeper (like her dad). Livi is trying to cut a tooth, but no luck so far. She loves her pink cup and she lights up and grabs it when it’s time to drink water. What a girl!

IMG_1381 IMG_1372 IMG_1344 IMG_1337 IMG_1333 IMG_1319 IMG_1331

Both Sprouts are doing great! Kirk and I took a little trip up to Lava Hot Springs last weekend so the Sprouts got to hang out with their grandparents in Logan. They sleep so great in my mom’s basement! So do I, actually. Work is super busy for both parents, but the Sprouts don’t have much cares in the world. And that’s awesome! The Sprouts have moved into the nursery and into their own cribs. It was a big change for everyone, but we’re all getting used to it now. Thank you for all the love and support!

IMG_1289 IMG_1295 IMG_1304 IMG_1329 IMG_1332

Here are some very, very serious Sprouts for Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t get one single smile 🙁

Hawkes_VDAY_2016_003-min Hawkes_VDAY_2016_005-min

5 thoughts on “9 Months Sprouts!

  1. Wow, they are little people already! And so beautiful!! Just love to see them grow & change. Thanks for sending.

  2. Love all the great pictures. My grand babies are adorable & I can’t wait to see them & parents again! Wisconsin Grandma ❤️

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