Where has the time gone? First up, the official 8 month pictures! I had to include the second one after Livi did a header into the sign 🙂

20160122_132634-min 20160122_132754-min

Alex gets up on his hands and knees for short periods of time and rocks back and forth. He’s very ticklish and he loves to smile and laugh! He is a great sleeper and an adorable snuggler! Livi is a little more restrained and she is going through a sleep regression, I think. She loves her music toys and she is finally working on scooting around to get toys on her tummy. Livi loves to read books and does a great job of yelling! The Sprouts don’t sit up by themselves yet, but they like to sit in their bumbo seats now. I am the luckiest mama!

20160121_075254-min IMG_1282 IMG_1281 IMG_1275

Everyday is play day around here! The Sprouts are getting more competitive with toys and Alex really hates to share. Livi is sneaky and usually finds a way to get her toy back. Our nanny has a new Yorkie that she brings to our house with her so the kids are getting great exposure with him. He and Alex are quite wary of each other, but Livi liked him almost immediately. The Sprouts still sleep in the same crib and Alex can usually sleep through Livi’s wailing. Kirk gets most Thursday and Friday nights with the Sprouts on his own and I’m sure they look forward to daddy time 🙂

IMG_1273 IMG_1272 IMG_1269 IMG_1263 IMG_1261 IMG_1246 IMG_1255 IMG_1258 IMG_1238 IMG_1239 IMG_1087 FullSizeRender

I think I forgot to include pictures from New Year’s in Logan on the Christmas post. So, here ya go. We had such an amazing Christmas and New Year’s!! Thank you for all the support and love!

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