Two Years of the most joy and love I could ever hope for……

Nothing could prepare me for this moment. The Sprouts are turning 2! I am so blessed. The Sprouts are doing great. Our wonderful pediatrician is leaving, we moved out of the house that we brought the babies home to, and so many things are changing but luckily our love is not changing and the Sprouts are as happy as ever. I’m going to throw a few of my favorites in from the early years then we will get to the new stuff 🙂

We had a fantastic day with cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, and grandparents! Turning two was delicious and exhausting………

My favorite moment of the day was Alex playing with his construction trucks in his cake. He was very generous to scoop some cake up and deposit it on Grandpa’s plate 🙂

Livi finally made it to 22 lbs! She is tall and spunky. She loves to practice sitting on the potty, read books, laugh, and play the “chase” game with Dada. She tries to get Alex to chase her too, but it doesn’t usually work. Alex is over 27 lbs now and he has a sensitive soul. He loves to play trucks, clean, and “fix” things. The Sprouts both love playdoh and they are having fun in their new playroom at the new house. They also love the trampoline and sandbox. There are endless play possibilities at the new house! Alex can figure out almost any mystery in the room.

Time flies……I am trying to enjoy every second. I am so lucky to have such great Sprouts!!

Yep, those are the little car beds that they came home from the hospital in. Liv was 3.8 lbs and Alex was 4.2 lbs. Now they are running, tumbling, talking, laughing, and working their way even farther into my heart and soul. Thank you for all the support and love that you each give. I love my “village” that steps in to help. Health and happiness wishes to you and yours…………

2 thoughts on “Two Years of the most joy and love I could ever hope for……

  1. Thank you. Those 2 really are growing up fast.
    We appreciate the updates and letters.
    Paul & Gay Jensen

  2. Jalaine,

    Your little ones are so adorable. They are growing up so fast. I love the pictures. Its also great to see how happy you are. Hope everything is going well.

    Love ya,


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