Adventures at 29 weeks…

This weekend found us at the Tulip Festival as well as working on home projects. Kirk needed a reward after a long day of sun and walking, so he dove in to this toffee brownie sundae. I think our waitress thought it was hilarious that he could eat it in front of a pregnant chick with no issues. I’m working on my “Just say no” techniques! I saw one of the most genius inventions at the Museum of Natural Curiosity, see the cool picture of the water table for babies splashing pleasure. I’ve got to find a way to make one of these!! The Sprouts are getting bigger, oddly enough it seems that my belly is getting bigger too. No new problems or aches and pains to report. Doc appointment and ultrasound are coming up this week along with a fun trip to Logan. Kirk made sure to get some new pictures to add at Thanksgiving Point. Life is so good! My new office at home is coming together and the nursery is beginning to take shape! The paint in the house is awesome and visitors are always welcome!

Genius! Naughty

2 thoughts on “Adventures at 29 weeks…

  1. Looks like Kirk is in “hog heaven”. Sounds like a wonderful weekend & so happy all is going well with the “Sprouts”.

  2. Hummmm……. I bet “Bumpa” Doug could come up with some sort of water table like that. It is a great idea!! And to Kirk………shame,shame……..the shame. 😉

    Love you guys!

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