August already?

Hey all! The Sprouts are coming up on 3 months and time is flying. On August 5th I caught Alexander smiling when I was sweet talking him!

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Alivianna is slightly behind in the smiles department, but I caught a little half smile today so it won’t be long!

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I love it when they look so peaceful! We have been attempting a lot of adventures lately. We had a great visit from my dad’s aunts, Mary Beth and Gaylia in July. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures. The Sprouts got totally spoiled by the Aunts! New books, stuffed animals, and adorable clothes galore. We went on our first hike with the Sprouts! We picked a lovely evening with a cool breeze and we hiked on a trail close to our home. The Sprouts settled into their Ergo carriers and napped most of the way. Kirk was scheduled to run the EPIC relay race on the weekend of August 7th. I was still doing team captain duties and so the Sprouts and I headed to Logan on August 6th for the festivities.


Mom and Dad Hawkes took care of the Sprouts while we took care of race stuff. Cirque De Sore Legs was off to a great start! I dropped off Kirk, Brady, and Sutton at the start line at 5:15 AM and then went to boot camp with Greg in an attempt to get back on the fitness wagon. It was awesome! I’m doing a fitness and weight loss challenge through work and I’m looking forward to the day when working out actually feels normal and good again 🙂

The Sprouts and I left for Wyoming later Friday morning and we made it to my sister, Celeste’s house in good time. Carson and Holly were big helpers with the Sprouts. Alivianna spit up all over Holly twice, so she decided that she would prefer Alexander when it came time for feeding!


The Sprouts and Holly came with me to the race finish line in Jackson Hole on Saturday. Kirk was in Van 1 this year, so he was done running on Saturday morning. We met at Teton Village and we were prepared to spend some time at the finish line waiting for Van 2’s big finish, but the weather had other ideas! It was rainy and a little chilly, so we left with Kirk to head back to Celeste’s. He was asleep almost as soon as we got onto the highway. The rest of the day was full of naps for Kirk and the Sprouts 🙂


When we got home on Sunday, I was busy preparing for my Dad’s 60th surprise birthday party at our home. Holly was nice enough to come home with us to help with the Sprouts. We decided to have the babies blessed at the party too. My dad did a great job and it was so great having the whole family here!

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We have the most amazing family! We’re so lucky! Things really calmed down after everyone left and we got to hang out with my mom and dad a few times more since they stayed in Salt Lake for a few days. Once again, I forgot to take pictures, but we went for a great walk at the Capitol with Mom, Dad, and Ericca on Wednesday night. We walked down anti-gravity hill and came out in Memory Grove park (one of my all time favorite trails to run). Mom pushed the Sprouts while I got a little jogging done. It was a great night! The Sprouts are doing great. They eat very well and they are still growing. I can barely put them on the changing table at the same time 😉

IMG_0681 IMG_0690 IMG_0691

Gotta love Alexander’s old man hair line! We are counting down the days until I have to go back to work. We’re on the search for a nanny. If anyone has any recommendations, please forward them to me. I will be going back to work at the end of September. I’m starting school again at the end of August, so that will add some stress and take some time. We’re looking forward to doing mommy/daddy swim time when the Sprouts get to 6 months. Life is pretty dang good! Thanks for all the love and support!

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