September already?

August 21st we celebrated the twins three month mark at the park in Cottonwood Canyon where we were married. It was a relaxing, lovely evening and the twins got the tour of the park from Kirk along with sleeping peacefully by their first camp fire!IMG_0709 IMG_0730

Kirk is continuing on with his health and fitness plan and I decided that the time had come for me to get serious about losing the double baby weight and more! I’m doing a weight loss challenge for work and I’m currently in 3rd place. Kirk and I work out together on the weekend and the rest of the time I just do what I can around the Sprouts’ schedule. Let me tell you, pushing a double stroller up the hills around our house is a great workout! IMG_0759

August is also noteworthy because the Sprouts slept for EIGHT HOURS one night. Since then, they have been sleeping anywhere from 5 to 7 hours in between feedings! It’s pretty awesome! The Sprouts are really reacting to people’s voices and faces now. Alex will give you the most adorable smiles if you work for it! They also love to sit in their boppies……..although it tends to make Livi pretty sleepy!

IMG_0748 IMG_0763 IMG_0765 IMG_0768


The Sprouts went to their first farmer’s market and we ran into Aunt Gaylia. Kirk and the Sprouts also made friends with various people as I searched for veggies 🙂


The Sprouts really love being outside and when Kirk doesn’t have to work late, we sit out on the deck or the front porch snuggling at night. Livi has the funniest nap poses sometimes!


Alex really loves to snuggle, but he also can be really squirmy and strong with his neck and back. He doesn’t seem to understand that he is not the only kid in my life though. He gets very impatient, whereas Livi is patient and mostly understanding that the demanding kid gets more attention. That’s our mellow, lovely girl.



August marked the beginning of my nanny search and I’ve met with a few candidates to no avail. Soooo, the search continues! I’m due to go back to work at the beginning of October so I’m trying to cherish every minute of September! Here are the pictures of the Sprouts’ new best friend, born August 25th!! Alex is a little jealous of Bridger’s awesome hair! We got to meet Bridger and check in with his awesome moms Becky and Mary this week.

IMG_22091 IMG_232511 IMG9522981

We are so lucky! We have great family, awesome friends, and healthy, wonderful children. I am so grateful. Thank you for all the love and support!!!


4 thoughts on “September already?

    1. Thanks Toni. It is tough being on a countdown, but I know we will work it out. The Sprouts are going to be at a great age when you visit for Thanksgiving!!!

    1. Oh thanks Uncle Guy. It’s ridiculous how many fantastic (and expensive) baby clothes are out there! Between the formula, nanny, diapers, and clothes……….WOWZA! Can’t wait for you to meet the Sprouts!

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