24 WEEKS!!

Time has gone into fast forward mode now. I’m feeling a little more pressure to get the nursery going and obtain car seats and cribs. I’ve registered at Target and Amazon for the Sprouts. We are having a baby shower in Logan on April 25th that is hosted by my sisters and my mom. I’m also having a shower hosted by my aunts in Honeyville on May 2nd. And the last shower will be in Salt Lake on May 15th, hosted by my friend, Keli. Work is still going well, I’m working ten hour shifts and I haven’t had any problems. I do feel quite exhausted after work some days. I’ve started to feel lots of movement from the Sprouts, although it’s not super intense yet. It’s still quite inconsistent and light. At my last doc appointment, our daughter beat out her brother for the first time with her heart rate! She usually has a slower heart rate and doesn’t usually move around as much on the ultrasounds. There is still much debate at our home regarding baby names. My twins bump has become pretty obvious and I’m always on the hunt for cheap maternity clothes! The weather is so warm and I’m always overheated, so I got some capris!! Life is great.

2 thoughts on “24 WEEKS!!

  1. This is so much fun to read! I am so excited for you and Kirk! You’re going to be great parents. We need to hang out again!

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