Nothing new to report, Doctor.

The routine Doctor appointments are still happening about every 4 weeks and I’m having regular ultrasounds too. Everything has been normal so far. It feels so weird to go to the Doctor this often when nothing is “wrong”. I feel very lucky to have this type of pregnancy. I work out with a personal trainer once in awhile and then I do my own workouts at the gym along with swimming. The weather has been so mild that we’ve been doing things outside more too. My sciatic pain is giving me a little break, I think the chiropractor has been helping. Kirk loves to look at the ultrasound screen and try to guess what the parts are. He’s not “allowed” to go to my regular doc appointments at this point because he gets bored and starts touching things in the exam room and asking bizarre questions when the Doc does come in. Baby A is a boy and he’s hanging out on my left side and Baby B is a girl and she’s chilling on my right side. Their sacs are implanted so they will always be on those sides. Yes, it’s the boy that giving me sciatic fits!

One thought on “Nothing new to report, Doctor.

  1. I have to tell you…Bryan was the same way, hilarious! He asked every known question to man as we watched Abby bounce around….She finally gave him a seat and told him to stay put!!!! ahahahahah

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