Winning the Lottery

When Jalaine and I got married I agreed to have “up to two” kids and she was cool with that. In my mind the best way to go about it would be twins. Look at all these awesome benefits!

  • Only one pregnancy for Jalaine to go through. Save a bunch of wear and tear. (I hear it is really hard on the bod to make people.)
  • Both kids will be the same age so hopefully they will be at similar levels mentally and physically for adventures like going camping, aquariums, zoos, and the types of movies they enjoy.
  • We can bulk-buy supplies like diapers since most of the time the sizes will match.
  • No risk of having one kid and THEN having twins and winding up with three!
  • A new infant seems to destroy the ability of a human being to function so I figure getting it over in one shot is better than twice. I’m sure it will be tough but once I’m in a coma I won’t be able to tell the difference right? Like getting hit by a train instead of a bus. At that point, does it matter? I hope the answer is “not really”.
  • The clock starts counting right away. 18 years until they are off in the world and we start a new phase!

We’ve found out that we are having a boy and a girl which is pretty awesome. We were hoping for one of each but honestly it just feels greedy to hope very hard for anything other than hoping they will be healthy. One concern I had with twins was that if they have the same gender they might feel especially compared to each other and competitive. It could still happen with mixed genders but hopefully less so.

So, we find ourselves with what in my mind is the perfect scenario for two kids. We’re totally lucking out!

2 thoughts on “Winning the Lottery

  1. Maybe I’m biased…but I agree! One of each is the way to go!

    I loved my experience growing up with Jeremy as my twin brother…wouldn’t trade it for a sister for anything.

    And yes, ha ha ha, the answer is “not really.”

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