25 Weeks!


Wo, time is flying. After another ultrasound, things are still looking good. Baby boy is 1 lb 10 oz, baby girl is 1 lb 8 oz. My belly has become a prominent part of life and I’m on the hunt for new PANTS, ha-ha. The sprouts enjoyed playing fetch with our boxer friend, Titan today. They also got to chill up American Fork Canyon at their first campfire hot dog roasting session. The first of many to come! Luckily the wind kept the fire blowing away from us the whole time! Work is still going great and I make the most out of my weekends. We got my office all cleared out so the first step of nursery prep is completed. Paint comes next. Mom also scouted out a great deal for the stroller we wanted, so we’ve officially made our first baby gear purchase. Also the first of many 🙁 Glucose Tolerance test and another doc appointment are coming up. I’m still at the gym a lot and Kirk is really great at tying my shoes when I don’t feel like it. Thanks for all the support and nice comments.

One thought on “25 Weeks!

  1. Thanks for the updates. Enjoy seeing the pictures of you & the sprouts. You’re looking fit & healthy & sounds like babies are too-GREAT.

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