Adventure Sundays!

Every family has traditions whether on purpose or just through habit. We’ve been thinking about traditions for our little clan. One we’ve settled on so far is “Adventure Sundays”. Each Sunday we’ll have a family activity that will involve all 4 of us doing something together. Ideally something which exposes the sprouts (and us) to new things, learning, and fun. Often that will be outings in the area but it might be having friends or family over. While they are so small the definition of adventure will be pretty tame. (For them a car ride at this point is big time brain stimulation!)

Last Sunday we went to Cascade Springs which is in a protected natural area in the mountains to the east of us. An estimated 7 million gallons of water flow up and out of the springs each day which form travertine rock formations and pools. It’s not the kind of place that would ever be nationally famous but is a nice “local treasure” to go spend some time in. It was kind of hard to tell if the sprouts actually enjoyed it but they were certainly popular with the other folks around. Something about tiny baby feet and toes really seems to get to people.

This Sunday we met a friend of Jalaine’s named Becky for breakfast. Becky is getting pretty close to introducing one of the sprouts first friends into the world. He will be named Bridger and will make his debut in the next month or so. We didn’t get any pictures of breakfast but a few pictures from us at Cascade Springs follow.

Adventure Awaits!

The Whole Family Korak and Alivianna Jalaine and Alexander

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