Lots of updates!!

Countdown to 6 months, Thanksgiving, and the Sprouts’ first Christmas!

At 5 months, Alexander weighed in at 15 pounds and Alivianna was hanging at 13 lbs 8 oz! Totally amazing! Both kids are in 6 month clothing and they are pretty dang healthy! They like being outside and playing with their toys and playzones. Nanny Amelia is awesome and we all adore and appreciate her.



The teething times have started at our house. For the most part, it’s not too bad yet, but there’s definitely a lot more drool and fussiness going around. All the bibs we got are coming in handy!

IMG_0891 IMG_1011

Some of our recent adventures include hiking to the top of one of the little mountains near our house (Alivianna slept the whole way), hiking around looking for an old wooden bridge and meeting the Sprouts’ first horse, hanging out with lots of witches at Gardner Village, dressing up in Halloween cuteness, more swim time, the Sprouts’ first visit to the Aquarium, visiting wonderful Wisconsin relatives and meeting their new cats, and general fun times!

2015-10-18 14.23.06 2015-10-18 14.45.24 2015-10-18 14.45.30 Gardner visit IMG_0944 IMG_0949 IMG_0953 IMG_0956 IMG_0962 IMG_0966 IMG_0991 IMG_0994 IMG_0999 IMG_1003 IMG_1022


This Halloween picture is my new favorite, for the moment!!!

IMG_1030 IMG_1031

For the Sprouts first Halloween, they stayed home with daddy while he handed out candy (and ate candy). I had to work at the U of U football game. At the beginning of November, Kirk and I went on a little getaway to St. George for the Snow Canyon Half Marathon and 5K. It was the perfect length of time to be away from the babies and the Hawkes grandparents were overjoyed to come and spend time with the kids. We feel so lucky and so grateful for the babies and for the love and support of our family and friends. Thank you!

IMG_1035 IMG_1037

AlexAquarium copy


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