Time is flying……too fast!

I’m sure that most parents think this at some point as they watch their infant getting bigger-Kirk was holding Alex on the couch tonight after he fell asleep eating and he looked at me and said “I’m going to miss this in about 5 years…….or maybe in a few months”. It’s true. Alexander is definitely our snuggly boy. Alivianna shows affection by stroking your cheek and she watches your every move closely! Sorry it’s been so long since our last update. Alex, Livi, and I went to Logan right before Thanksgiving to visit the grandparents. We made the trip up after the Sprouts’ 6 month check up. Everything is looking great and the twins are acting like perfectly healthy 4 month babies 🙂 The babies got to celebrate their 6 month birthday in Logan with their grandparents and then got another treat when their Eisele grandparents arrived for Thanksgiving! I’ll get Kirk to post some pics since he took most of them during the holiday. We had such a great Thanksgiving with family and friends! The Sprouts are still pretty mellow kids but their gums are guaranteed to get them cranky real quick! Alex drools buckets and buckets these days! Alex was about 2 feet tall and weighed 15 lbs 6 oz at 6 months. Alivianna was a little under 2 feet tall and she weighed 14 lbs. Here is the first dose of cuteness and stay tuned for the Christmas update with more Sprout goodness! Thank you for all your love and support! We are so lucky!

IMG_1042 IMG_1070 IMG_1067 IMG_1064 IMG_1061 IMG_1060 IMG_1050 IMG_1045 (1) IMG_1043


2 thoughts on “Time is flying……too fast!

  1. These pictures are just the greatest! I love that you realize how fast this time goes & appreciate each moment. So true!
    It’s fun to see their little outfits. Nice that Livi has that Wisconsin shirt to remember her Dad’s roots & I love that Alex is waiting for his beard to grow. Haha!
    Thanks so much for sending!
    Happy New Year to all of you,
    Sally & Guy

  2. Wonderful pictures-they are growing so big. A nice armful & so nice to spend time with Great-Grandma too. Love to all, Wi Grandma

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