Kirk was tempted to get little party hats to put on the Sprouts, but I talked him out of it. 1 week has gone by so slowly, and yet also quickly. I am so lucky to have a place to stay near the hospital and to have a job that allows me to be with the babies every day since they were born. The babies are doing so well. We celebrated the one week mark with a our first family picture. IMG_0325

There are no words to describe how it felt to hold them both so closely and then to lay them down on the pillow together. I have often wondered if they miss each other after being so close for so long. The babies got moved into a new room today, they have a window! It really brightens the room in a nice way. The babies are still cozy neighbors and it was a fantastic Saturday with them. Alexander ditched his oxygen this morning. Both babies are very tactile, as you can see from their little hands by their faces. So Alexander tore his oxygen off and the Nurse Hailey decided we should give him a shot without it. It seems like Alexander is dealing with a little bit of reflux so he’s getting his food on a pump to keep it from hitting his belly too fast. The reflux may be contributing to his oxygen stats. Alexander stayed off of the oxygen all day and did very well. Both babies have good Billirubin scores, so they are not under the lights anymore. Hopefully that will last. Both babies got their IV’s out and we were so happy to see them go away. On their one week birthday, both babies had surpassed their birth weight and they just keep gaining! Alivianna is such a sweet, mellow girl. She can be feisty too, which is especially awesome when we are breastfeeding. Both babies are learning well. When Kirk is not at work, this is his favorite place to be. He mostly dozes off with the babies, but sometimes he tells them stories or tells them about all the adventures we will have together.

IMG_0334 IMG_0341

Thank you so much for all the support and love. Emotionally, this has been an incredibly difficult experience. It’s sometimes reassuring enough to see how well they are doing, and other times it’s hard to feel reassurance at all. Other times, it is just very difficult to walk away from the hospital. Being a mommy rocks…..and is incredibly difficult.


  1. Such love felt for you all from Wisconsin! Love the family pictures and seeing my brother all daddy like 🙂

  2. Oh those hospital stays are the worst! I’m feeling for you and I’m sorry. But YAY for both babies gaining weight and being healthy. One day you’ll all be home and this will be but a memory.

  3. My heart just sings for joy and happiness for all of you. Such lucky babies and such blessed parents. You will be busy but the time with those little bundles is all that matters now. Everything else can wait. Just love and enjoy every second. If neighbors offer to help, let them do dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, cooking, and two min of holding a baby and they will feel like a million bucks .. Love you! Can not wait to see you all! Beautiful family pictures.

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