Panic Attacks?


Kirk advises that he didn’t like putting together the Target furniture much πŸ™‚ He prefers the IKEA stuff! He made it look easy though. Two cribs and two changing tables have been assembled at our house. K did have a little panic attack when he saw the little baby snowsuits hanging in the closet and he imagined an actual child inside of it. Poor guy! He broke out in a sweat and had to sit down. On another “cool husband” note-we had the house cleaners come by for the first time and I am so grateful for the break! My awesome man gave me house cleaning for a year for Christmas! There are two infant car seats sitting empty by the front door and every time I pass them on my way out, I appreciate the fact that I can just leave the house “easily & quickly” for the time being. I’m just not quite ready for them to come out yet. The Sprouts are almost the same size right now, right around 3 lbs 2 oz each. I’m sleeping okay, but I get especially overheated at night and my hips and lower back have started to irritate me more at night too. My workouts at the gym are still feeling good and I really love hanging out in the pool. K went with me to the pool last weekend, but he gets chilly in the pool so he has to alternate with the hot tub πŸ™‚ I am still waiting for someone to invite me to a shower like the one in the What To Expect When You’re Expecting movie! Poolside, massage, fruity drinks……..yum! Work is good, I’m pretty tired by the time I get home. The weekends are the ultimate reset button though. K and I are going to a class at the hospital in a few weeks when we will tour the L & D Department. I also paid a visit to the Lactation Station, which was cool and weird at the same time. Not much else interesting to add to the blog this time. Thanks for all the love and support!

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  1. What a great sounding husband you have! Housecleaning was a good idea for a busy household of TWO babies. So happy all is going well for you.

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