Through the pouring rain…….



May 9th found me driving to Honeyville for the baby shower that my mom’s sisters hosted for me. Aunt Karen, Aunt Gay, Aunt Cindy, and mom planned a great shower for us! We got to play some fun games, I got to laugh a lot, and I got to see cousins that I don’t get to see very often. Everyone spoiled the Sprouts with very cute, useful stuff. We’re getting closer and closer to being “mostly ready” for the big arrival. I have a doctor’s appointment next week and I start my bi-weekly non-stress tests for the Sprouts. I’ve got my fabulous go-bag for the hospital ready. Oddly enough, there are no guns or bullets in THIS go-bag, as opposed to my usual go-bag 🙂

K was very generous for Mother’s Day-I got a new rocking chair recliner and a new printer plus lots of peace and quiet time with my feet up. What more could a pregnant chick want? The nursery has really come together and I should be able to post some pics soon. I am trying to read a few parenting/birthing/baby books at the same time but I am realizing that along with lots of “advice” from strangers, comes strange topics and “advice” in books written by “experts”. It’s not always pleasant bedtime reading. Thanks for all the love and support vibes!

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