So much goodness……

June 9th, 2015-the Sprouts checked off the last item on their Discharge Checklist and we all left the NICU at the University of Utah for good! IMG_0384 IMG_0386

The nurses found this lovely little rolling cart for the babies to ride to the car in. Both babies failed their little car seat tests so they came home in car beds, basically a safe way for them to ride in a car while laying





It was quite the adventurous day! K was still trying to find a way to bring monitors home for the Sprouts, whereas I was completely happy to leave the monitors and alarms behind! The one good thing about the NICU is that it’s quite noisy so the babies are not overly sensitive to noises at home. K went straight to the couch when we got home.


We have settled in at home nicely. We’re still on a good routine that the awesome NICU nurses started. I wanted to give a shout out to Joni, Jonna, Amanda, Sammie, Karen, Amy and many other nurses that touched my kids’ lives in their first three weeks. The nurses of the NICU are so hardworking and wonderful. They also taught K a lot of very helpful things. He’s changing a diaper in 8 minutes now, instead of 20 🙂

Our awesome pediatrician, Dr. Amy, made a house call three days after we got home. She was very pleased with the twins’ growth and eating habits. Both babies are doing wonderfully at home. Alexander’s reflux seems to be improving and Alivianna is such a little sweetheart, she hardly ever complains. Alexander is allowed to complain a little this week because he had his circumcision 🙁


4 thoughts on “So much goodness……

  1. Russ and I are so happy for the cute babies to finally come home! We know what you will be up to for a long, long, long time! It is all worth it though!
    All our love to you four!
    Aunt Christina and Russ!

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