Sprouts’ First Christmas!

Christmas this year found us in Utah with lots of snow! We were sad to miss our family in Wisconsin, but this is the first Christmas in a long time that I got to stay home and completely relax. That feeling is priceless. Highlights for Christmas with the Sprouts included a walker and a bouncer […]

Time is flying……too fast!

I’m sure that most parents think this at some point as they watch their infant getting bigger-Kirk was holding Alex on the couch tonight after he fell asleep eating and he looked at me and said “I’m going to miss this in about 5 years…….or maybe in a few months”. It’s true. Alexander is definitely […]

Lots of updates!!

Countdown to 6 months, Thanksgiving, and the Sprouts’ first Christmas! At 5 months, Alexander weighed in at 15 pounds and Alivianna was hanging at 13 lbs 8 oz! Totally amazing! Both kids are in 6 month clothing and they are pretty dang healthy! They like being outside and playing with their toys and playzones. Nanny […]

Happy Babies!!

The giggles, smiles, and cooing noises are in full swing at our house! Alex is definitely leading the way, but Livi can reward you with the sweetest open mouth smiles too! She’s too quick for me, I have yet to catch a good one on camera yet. My free time to take pictures and play […]

September Bonus!

Hey y’all-the Sprouts will be 4 months next week, but I had some pictures and news to share so you get some bonus pictures! Our biggest news is that we found a nanny! Her name is Amelia and she has a bachelor degree in childhood development. She’s a newlywed and we met her husband too. […]

September already?

August 21st we celebrated the twins three month mark at the park in Cottonwood Canyon where we were married. It was a relaxing, lovely evening and the twins got the tour of the park from Kirk along with sleeping peacefully by their first camp fire! Kirk is continuing on with his health and fitness plan […]

August already?

Hey all! The Sprouts are coming up on 3 months and time is flying. On August 5th I caught Alexander smiling when I was sweet talking him! Alivianna is slightly behind in the smiles department, but I caught a little half smile today so it won’t be long! I love it when they look so […]

No special occasion….

This is mostly a bunch of bonus pictures that I’ve collected, but the babies had their two month check up. They are doing great, no concerns. Alexander weighs 8 lbs 11 oz and Alivianna weighs 8 lbs 3 oz. Crazy, right? Their cute doctor told me that I could take them off of the fattening […]

July Baby News!

We went for a huge adventure to Logan for a visit to Great Grandparents Hawkes. I only had to stop three times on the way to check on the babies. It was fun to hear Great Grandma remembering various things from the times when her children were infants. It’s amazing what crazy things come back […]